Coarse Fishing

The Coarse Section has around 8 miles of coarse water on the River lark , the river contains most species of fish including Carp, Chubb, Pike, Dace, Roach, Rudd, Tench and Perch.

We have a variety of different areas with varying degrees of difficulty for the angler some are easy to access some are more difficult for the more adventurous angler.

We have some fully accessible platforms on the river on the Mildenhall and Barton mills stretches.

Where to fish

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How to join

Coarse membership Prices
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Membership tickets are available from the following outlets:

Tackle up, 49A St Johns St, Bury St Edmunds, IP33 1SP
Hooked Tackle, 88 All Saints Rd, Newmarket, CB8 8HF.
Londis, Beck Row, Suffolk, IP28 8AJ

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  1. Taking of fish The taking of fish by any means other than by rod and line is strictly forbidden. Any person taking fish by netting, liggering, fouling, snatching, shooting, setting timers, bank runners or nightlines will be proceeded against. The use of lead shot is strictly prohibited. No angler shall have more than two lines in the water at one time. No rod shall be left un-attended. If leaving a rod, the line must be removed from the water and the bait removed from the hook. Ground bait may be used in moderation only. Any member taking fish at any other time than those hereto aforementioned or otherwise in contravention of the forgoing rules or byelaws shall forfeit his ticket and be expelled from the Society.
  2. Coarse close Season Close season for coarse fish shall be in accordance with Environment Agency rules
  3. Trout Close Season Close season shall be from 29th October and end on 1st April.
  4. Bubble float fishing Prohibited on the trout fishery. No trout shall be taken under 12" long.
  5. Membership Coarse section members residing outside an 15 mile radius of Mildenhall shall be honorary members only, with no right to vote at meetings. Such membership shall be granted at the discretions of the Committee.
  6. Limit on No of Anglers No more than five members in a group to be permitted to visit the river at any one time, unless prior agreement had been given fourteen days before such a visit. The Society reserves the right to decide the venue for such a visit.
  7. Permissible fishing Fishing is permissible from the footpath or towing path only, except with the permission of the owners or occupiers, and no angler shall under circumstances be accompanied by a dog, or carry a gun, approach or leave the waters belonging to the Society by any way other than by the recognised footpaths. The towing path does not give the right to fish to those who are not members of the Society.
  8. No angler shall carry or use lock keys or any other implement by which the gates of any locks of staunches can be interfered with, and no angler is allowed under any pretext whatever to illegally interfere with the property of the E.A. or any landowner. Any person violation this rule will be liable for such disobedience, should a prosecution ensue, to a fine conforming to the rules of the E.A. besides rendering himself liable for the amount of loss sustained by the E.A. and mill owners and occupiers, as a result of such illegal interference, and to expulsion from the Society.
  9. Membership Tickets Every member fishing on the Society's waters shall carry their membership card and show their ticket and the contents of his bag or basket when requested to do so by one of the members of the committee, Bailiffs or the Police or another member.
  10. Fish No Carp (or fish) over 18" (45.7cm) in length may be retained in the keep net. Sea baits and lures only may be used for Piking. Live bait is strictly forbidden.
  11. Tins and Glass All tinned baits must be decanted into the anglers own bait containers and no glass items are to be taken to the bank side.
  12. In the case of any of the aforementioned rules being broken by any member, they shall be liable to expulsion from the Society and / or prosecution.
  13. The Committee reserves to themselves the power to refuse the granting of a membership ticket to any person.
  14. All members whilst fishing on the society waters shall carry a suitable landing net.
  15. Additional rules for Harbens Lake. For these rules please contact the General Secretary.
  16. No fishing on the Jubilee Fields except for residents of Mildenhall parish.
    Revised and updated January 2019