Lark Angling & Preservation Society

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About Us

We are an Angling & Conservation Society, established over a hundred years ago by local land-owners with the aim to matain the river for future generations to enjoy, something the Society still does today.

The Society controls over 12 miles of riverbank fishing on the River Lark in Suffolk, we have both Fly Fishing & Coarse Fishing available.

We have qualified coaches who offer free tuition to members no matter what your ability.

Our coarse water contains most speices of fish including, Chub, Dace, Bream, Perch, Pike, Rudd and Roach.

Our Fly fishing section contains both Wild Trout and stocked Brown Trout.

We have an ongoing restoration project to improve the river habitat for generations to enjoy.

We have both fully accessable sections and harder to get to sections for the more adventurous angler.

Unfortunately over the last couple of weeks or so we have heard of a number of poaching incidences.

The best way to deal with this is to try and report it directly to the relevant authorities whilst it is still occurring so that these people can be caught and dealt with.

Phoning the local Police on 101 and quoting reference code 116 11. and or phone Environment Agency on 0800807060.

The more we report and the quicker we do it, hopefully the better the response.